This year Midteam is celebrating 15 years of real estate service in the greater Midstream Market! We are proud andhumbled to have been and still be part of this amazing success story.

We remember our beginnings in yester year very well. The tar road ended at the first circle as you entered throughthe main towers. Developers queued in the early morning hours to buy stands on which they could develop many ofthe houses that the pioneers of Midstream still call home today. These were exhilarating times and the developersof those times chose to venture and invest in the then relatively unknown Midstream Estate. They built homes andcreated the beginnings of a real estate market in our area, and because of this Midteam was founded in 2004.

As the number of completed houses grew so did the community and the amenities. Midstream and Midteam grewalongside each other from humble beginnings but never without a vision for the future. Midstream Collegewelcomed its’ first learners in January of 2006 and in 2008 the residents of Midstream welcomed our very ownshopping centre, Square@Midstream with open arms and much excitement. It was in Square@Midstream thatMidteam opened our first office alongside all the other business owners who believed in the market and aimed todeliver a service to a growing community.

Every longstanding resident of Midstream knows that the estate was still in its baby shoes then and would still seephenomenal growth and expansion on every level. Staying relevant and keeping up with the fast moving pace ofBondev, the developer, is no small feat! Midteam had to grow if we were going to maintain the service level wepride ourselves in. Today we are a team of 15 dedicated Agents who together specialize in the greater Midstreammarket and we now have a second office that is also open seven days a week in the Shopping-on-Ridgeway centre.

Our offices and our team are accessible and equipped to best meet the needs of our existing clients and those whowe have not met yet! We strongly believe that our yesterdays may have formed us but more importantly, we aremotivated by our tomorrows! Therefore we will strive to maintain our unique service offerings in Midstream whichis visibility, innovative and comprehensive marketing strategies and consistent reliable service delivery.We are proud of our story and the 15 years of colourful pages that are filled with your stories and your dreams and itis with humble appreciation that we look forward to the next 15!

Johan and Maureen van Zyl